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In today’s healthcare climate, clients demand patient-centric, high-value services that save time and money while increasing convenience and satisfaction. Carevana’s platform delivers unprecedented flexibility in how and when you maintain contact with your clients and decreases leakage. With Carevana, you can keep your clients healthy and prevent expensive uncoordinated care episodes. Bottom line: happier clients that stay with you.
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Carevana helps you expand the reach and scope of your healthcare practice. Attract new clients by offering state-of-the-art HIPAA compliant and secure solutions like HD videoconsults and screensharing, unlimited messaging, and bulk data exchange to manage wellness and healthcare. Gain increased exposure locally and online with the aid of Carevana’s easy-to-use scalable platform that makes tomorrow’s healthcare today’s reality.
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Carevana has the tools to help you offer health and wellness services, products, packages, and discounts in an easy point-click-pay platform. Where supported, our platform helps you capture telemedicine income. Our proprietary HIPAA-secure eCommerce solution can help you create an online telemedicine or concierge practice, a corporate wellness solution serving thousands, or a transparently-priced healthcare entity, for starters. Carevana makes new things possible in healthcare and wellness.
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Carevana enables clients and patients to experience face-to-face care through a rich feature set on a world class platform.

Telemedicine and Consults
HIPAA compliant HD video conferencing allows you to care for your patients with unprecedented ease. Offer telemedicine, concierge, and on-call services with maximal convenience for you and for your patients.
HIPAA Secure Messaging
Establish secure messaging with your entire care team and with your patient. Easier communications with greater documentation means less time wasted, increased revenue potential, and greater assurance that your patients are always connected to your practice.
Health Record Exchange
Share medical information to and from your patients. Allow patients to securely upload records to help you make more efficient and accurate data-supported healthcare decisions.
Appointment Scheduling
Most patients prefer electronic scheduling to the more traditional and obsolete dial-in system. With Carevana, you can offer your patients what they are already demanding: efficient and easy self-scheduling or online appointment requests.
Provider Profile Page
Want a customized page to highlight your specific practice? Easy. Carevana profile page allows you to emphasize the strengths and value of your practice while increasing exposure to Carevana patients and clients.
Video Stream Live
Securely Stream Live HD Video Streams to Consumers or Colleagues
We give you the tools needed so you can offer the services, packages, discounts, and healthcare products to your clients in an easy point-click-pay platform. From establishing a concierge practice to offering the latest in healthcare products, Carevana Carecart makes a virtual practice a possibility today.
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